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About Hospital

Yas Sepid Hospital, as a Private hospital with professionals and experts, provides the necessary services to maintain patient safety and continuously improves quality efficiently and effectivly.

International Patients Department

Treatment and Travel Coordination

Traveling to Iran, treatment and returning to your origin with International Patients Department of Yas Sepid Hospital

Patients and their Entourage welfare

For dear customers welfare we have English, Arabic and Turkish translators, Bank for currency exchange, International Restaurant & ...

Medical Technologies

Yas Sepid Hospital equipped with advanced and updated equippment from the best brands of the World

Treatment Price Control

When visiting the Yas Sepid Private Hospital, you can realize that the payment recievement of great medical services in this hospital and even in the country is cheaper than the developed countries

Travel to historical cities in Iran

When you travel to Iran, in addition to recieving cheap payment price, you can visit the historical places, luxurious castles and more

International Patients Reception

Contact Us for more information about coordination and reception

Insurances Contracts