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Patient Admission Guide in Hospital

In general, admission of the patient to the Yas Sepid Hospital is possible in two ways:

- Refer to the emergency department of the hospital

- Refer to the doctor's office for contracting with the hospital (electronically)

In these cases, the patient returns to the admission unit on the ground floor after receiving the letter of introduction and the order of admission to the hospital for admission to the hospital. This unit is responsive to patients and patients 24 hours a day.

Required Documents for Patient Admission:

Inpatient order from a doctor in the name of the patient Patient identification documents (birth certificate or national card and for foreign passports) are required when referring to delivery with the birth certificate of the parent of the baby. Introducing the Insurance Letter to the Patients Covered If you have an insurance contract with a hospital, you can order the hospitalization of your doctor after filling in the hospital stamp to the relevant insurance offices and receive a letter of insurance.

Steps after patient admission:

Welcome system and customer rejoicing:

After accepting the steps and implementing the welcoming system and respecting the client, the recipient will be served with the case and accompanied by the secretary to the relevant department.

The necessary information about the hospital regulations and how to use the facilities in the department and the room is provided to the recipient by the nurse responsible for the patient.

The recipient will be introduced by the nurse to the department's staff, room equipment and various parts of the hospital, and will be familiarized with the rights of the patient through the charter of the patient's rights.

Polling and satisfaction system:

In order to implement the design of the survey system and satisfaction, when accepting the Satisfaction Questionnaire, the recipients of the service will be consulted and the respondents will be consulted about the activities and activities of the hospital, and the recipients of the partnership will be encouraged to improve the flow of affairs more effectively.

In order to implement the system of criticisms and suggestions and receive complaints, in the event of a problem and announcement of complainants, the service can be performed in the following ways:

- Refer to the complaints filed by the Nursing or Management Office.

- Complaints and criticisms boxes are installed at different places in the hospital and complaints forms are available for writing alongside the boxes, which service recipients can write their comments in writing and file the complaint in the complaints fund.

Discharge of patients:

- Following the order of discharge, the doctor is treated by the Clerk of Clerks and sent to the discharge unit for billing.

- If the patient is admitted to the letter of introduction, all expenses are calculated in accordance with our contract with the insurance company.

- If the patient is admitted free of charge, all costs are calculated in cash and in accordance with the tariffs set each year by the Ministry of Health.

- If the hospital does not have a contract with the patient, the patient can apply for a medical certificate upon dismissal by referring to the medical record unit and will be ready for a maximum of two weeks after discharge of the patient's documents.