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About a century ago, Florence Nightingale emphasized that the proper environment plays an important role in improving patients. Today, hospital building designers and its executives are trying to create a good environment for patients. One of the things that is considered in the hospital and surgical sections is to create a suitable environment for patients, it is safety. In health care, the quality of services provided and the safety of patients are completely interrelated. Therefore, the Jasmine White Hospital considers the provision of safe and high-quality care from its professional, ethical and legal duties. Safety issues in different areas of the hospital are as follows:

- Hospital management is committed to patient safety.

- The hospital has a patient safety program.

- The hospital uses data collected to improve the safety of service delivery.

- In order to provide its services, the hospital has the necessary equipment and equipment with proper function.

- The hospital has qualified technical and specialist staff at all times of the day to provide safe services.

- The hospital has policies, clinical guides, and standard operating procedures in all units and support services.

- The hospital has a system to reduce the risk of infection.

- The hospital guarantees the safety of blood and blood products.

- The hospital prescribes safe injections, serums, and vaccinations.

- The hospital's safe system is safe.

- The hospital medical records archive system is complete.

- The hospital has a safe and safe physical environment for patients and visitors.

- The hospital has a safe waste management system.

- The hospital has a special program for the professional development of employees in the field of patient safety.

- The hospital reviews and validates the competence of its staff, especially in terms of knowledge.

- The hospital steadily conducts research on patient safety.