Tel: +(9821) 88995767-72

Department of International Patients

Health is the key to welfare

Dear guests/patients, Welcome to Yas Sepid Hospital Due to your non acquaintance with the rules, customs and current official procedures in Iran, the international patients department (I.P.D) is established at this hospital to serve and facilitate the course of action for our dear patients. To contact the experts in our department you can call to the following phone numbers:

Direct phone number: +(9821) 88995767-72

Major activities of the international patients department:

- In person and on-line consultation with the doctor of the international patients department.

- Presenting V.I.P services.

- Chance to keep in touch with I.P.D doctor even after dismissing.

- Internet access.

- Issuing the accompany card.

- Ordering food items out of the menu.

- Safe inter city transportation.

- Access to safe foreign exchanges.

- Submission of the brief case-history and the bills in English to the patient at the time of dismissing.

- Presence of Kurdish and Arabic speaking nurses.

- The Chance to communicate and send the case history to the physician before the actual appointment.