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About Hospital

History of the establishment and construction of the hospital:

Yas Sepid Hospital under the umbrella of Iran University of Medical Sciences with more than 3500 square meters of infrastructure and 54 active beds in 4 floors in an area of 850 square meters. Specialist doctors who are mostly faculty members of universities of the country, along with 280 people Experienced medical and administrative staff working in specialized departments of the hospital. It is noted that this hospital was opened in February 2012.

Statement by the Head of the Hospital:

The presence of dear patients in this center is good, and we hope that we will take effective steps to comply with the highest standards of quality of patient care and patient safety. Jasmine Sepid Hospital, with five years of honest medical service, is working to provide a great, enjoyable and relaxing environment for patients, staff and doctors. The suite covers a wide range of healthcare and care services for around 5,000 patients per year.

Hospital Perspective:

Yas Sepid Hospital is trying to be among the best private hospitals affiliated with Iran University of Medical Sciences over the next three years and will pursue the following goals:

- Establishment of the credit system and promotion of the hospital rank.

- Achieving the highest safety standards.

- Improvement of compliance with patient rights charter.

- Providing care with superior quality and the most appropriate cost.

Yas Sepid Hospital Values:

- Providing the highest quality patients.

- Observe the rights of service recipients.

- Appropriate training for the human resources employed in the hospital.

- Continuous upgrades aimed at increasing the satisfaction of the recipients.

- To institutionalize risk management and patient safety.

- Observing the principles of medical ethics in the treatment of patients.

- Continuous monitoring of the quality of standard care.

- Serving according to environmental principles.